About Us

Everlasting, yet transcends time for generations to come. At the heart of every jewellery piece represents an emotional connection that forms a part of you for eternity.

From seeking the perfect stones and metals, to designing your most beautiful settings in ways that speaks truly, and uniquely you.

At TAMAKITO, we believe the essence to every jewellery ownership encapsulates a story, giving definition to a profound meaning and a sense of connection.

Individualistically unique in everyway, that story signifies an expression of love, a reflection of character, a symbol of strength, self purpose and empowerment, or a pure gifting token of gratitude.

If you feel in tune towards our vision in appreciation for jewellery as we do, this journey is yours to behold from a truly self inspired creation. It is our devotion to make unique, meaningful and beautifully customised jewellery for each and every customer.

Inspired by the delicate balance and intricate detailing of Japanese jewellery design and craftsmanship, TAMAKITO welcomes you to a bespoke world of Artisanal Jewellery.

About Our Founder

Kimberley shares a profound passion for all things ‘Jewellery’ with her mother at a young age, having travelled rigorously in search for authentic and rare stones during their visits to renowned gem producing countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Nepal and Japan.

Over decades, she has developed a keen eye and savviness for jewellery making, while having been a member of the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) where Kim is a certified GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Founding ‘TAMAKITO’ in 2018, she leads an experienced team of artisans to bring the allure of customer oriented jewellery making to all who adorns the intimate and intrinsic value of bespoke jewellery.

“Our mission is to make it an ease for those who truly adorns uniqueness from a premium quality jewellery piece unlike any other. We want to play a part in creating something unique, meaningful and beautiful. This is who we are.”

Kimberley Tan, Founder and Master Artisan, TAMAKITO.


Our jewellery designs are made by hand, and we are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your jewellery. Each stone will be skillfully selected, set by hand, and polished the old way – the right way – and with no shortcuts.

Our attention to detail and traditional techniques ensure that your piece will be handled with care throughout the process, that’s why we can say that our pieces are made with great care and love for the craft, from our hands to yours.

Quality & Promise

Here at TAMAKITO, we pride ourselves in providing a fully customised experience to our customers. We are committed to providing a more personal and thoughtful service and are always ready to guide you thru this journey while caring for your jewellery with uncompromising quality, to help you find the best stones, metals and designs for your budget.

With our in-house professional GIA Graduate Gemologist on hand, you shall never have to worry about overpriced gems nor the authenticity of your purchase. By maintaining an in-house production team enables our artisans to work closely in carefully crafting each design from start to finish, ensuring quality and perfection. This care and attention during the making process ensures that your piece of fine jewellery arrives sparkingly beautiful.

Our Services

Let us breath new life into your existing pieces and give them a new story to tell.


Modernise an old piece to revive your appreciation for its sentimental values.


Change the size of your rings, pendant hooks, earring backings and anything that needs a little tweak.


For broken or bent pieces that need mending or replacement of lost stones.


Bring the ‘shine’ back when your jewellery is looking dull or weathered.