General Information

Customised jewellery or store bought?

  • We all wear jewellery to stand out and nothing says that more than when you have jewellery that is specifically personalised to your desires. Just think of what a great conversation starter it is when you tell someone you had your jewellery specially made for you!
  • Customised jewellery is original for only you as no two handmade pieces will be alike, a stark contrast between mass produced pieces you find in most jewellery stores.

I love the idea of personalised jewellery but I don't know how to start, what should I do?

There are a few ways to help make your customising experience easy breezy:

  • You can browse through our signature pieces on our Bridal page
  • If you have found a few designs you like online that is nothing like our signature pieces, you can upload those images here
  • If you do not have any images, fret not! Just have a go at our Quiz here
  • Or try out a fun way of selecting specific details of your jewellery on our Customise page

What happens after I have uploaded my images / completed the quiz / gone through the customisation page?

We will get in touch with you for further discussion within 5 working days, so be sure to leave your contact!

Does your prices differ very much from retail stores?

Often times, our prices are lower than most retail stores. This is because we make our pieces here in-house, we source our diamonds and gems directly from the suppliers and we skip most middlemen mark ups.

I have a design in mind but I don't know how to describe it over the phone, can we meet?

Of course! Just give us a buzz by WhatsApp or call at +60104265898.

Can I use my own gem stones?

Yes! Let us help you bring your gemstones to life.

I have a lot of old jewellery I feel is too dated to wear, can we do something about it?

Bring them over or send pictures of them to +60104265898 and let’s see what we can come up with!

I am interested in a gemstone not mentioned in your site, are you able to source one for me?

Subjected to availability, but we won’t say no to getting our hands on a unique piece of gem.

Do you offer any warranty for your pieces?

  • We stand behind every piece made by Tamakito through stringent quality control. However, if you believe your piece has a defect, you can return it to us for inspection within 14 days of date of receipt. If it is deemed as a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the piece, whichever appropriate.
  • Our warranty does not cover damages caused by trauma or everyday wear and tear, loss of stone and/or product.
  • If the defect is caused by trauma or damage from wear and tear, we will inform you of the repair services needed, at cost.
  • We recommend having your piece of Tamakito customised jewellery to be inspected every 6 months to a year, or if it is believed to have undergone trauma to prevent potentially losing any stones. We will clean it for free while we’re at it!
  • Note that since every piece produced by Tamakito is handmade, there may be small variations in craftsmanship. This is considered ideal as every customised piece would have it’s own individual and unique characteristics.

What about refunds?

We are unable to provide refunds as each piece custom made specifically specifically for you.

How do I know if the stones in my piece of jewellery is authentic?

  • With our in-house qualified and certified gemologist to guide and answer any questions you have about diamonds and gems, you can be rest assured that what you are purchasing is the real deal!
  • Some stones come along with certification, mostly diamonds, which functions as an additional layer of assurance too.

What are your payment terms?

Upon confirmation of the design and diamonds and/or gems needed for your customised piece, we will need a 50% deposit from the price of quotation before we begin work. Full payment is to be made upon delivery/collection of the jewellery piece.

How do I make payment?

  • We currently accept bank transfer, and proof of transfer is required to be sent to us via WhatsApp at +60104265898
  • We also accept credit card payments via PayPal with an additional surcharge of 3%.

Jewellery and Customising Information

What is the time frame of completing a custom jewellery piece?

  • Once a design is agreed upon and the necessary deposits have been made, most pieces will take between 2 to 4 weeks. Timeline may vary depending on the complexity of designs and peak seasons.
  • If you wish for us to rush your order, please let us know and we will try our best to make the necessary adjustments, at cost.

How experienced are your artisans?

Our artisans in Tamakito each has 20 years or more of experience specialising in handmade jewellery. That’s 20 years of talent, passion and energy cultivated, which goes into every creation just for you.

What precious metals do you work with?

  • Here in Tamakito, we work with White and Rose gold in 18k and 9k, while Yellow gold comes in 22k, 18k and 9k.
  • We also make jewellery in Sterling Silver and Palladium Silver.

I am unsure of my ring size, what do I do?

  • All of our rings are measured to HK standard size (with a +/- half a size)
  • If you already know your ring size in a different country standard, that’s easy! Just refer to our Ring Size Chart or let us know via WhatsApp or call us at +60104265898
  • For thick ring bands (especially men’s rings), we highly recommend going one size larger for more comfort.
  • You can measure the inner diameter of your own ring with this Ruler Chart like so

    • Measure only the inside edge of the ring
    • Remember to measure the ring that properly fits the intended finger
  • Alternatively, you can print the Ring Sizer Guide in actual size ratio and place your favourite ring onto the printout to gauge your ring size. You may double check the distance written on the printout with a ruler.
    • Place your ring over the print out until you find a one that matches the inside of the ring
    • Remember to measure your ring that properly fits the intended finger

What if I have ordered the wrong size?

  • Fret not! Tamakito offers 1 free resizing for the rings we make. All you need to do is bring your ring and the original invoice to us to arrange for your free resizing.
  • Please note that all rings to be resized have a limitation of going three sizes up or three sizes down. If the resize has a difference of more than three sizes, additional charges will apply.
  • Depending on setting styles, some rings may not be recommended to be resized too drastically to maintain the integrity of the jewellery piece.

The stone on my piece does not look like the illustration on your website, why is that?

All natural diamonds and gemstones have variation in colour and natural inclusions, whether visible or not visible, that make up the identity of the stone. We at Tamakito will communicate as precisely as possible though images and appointments before confirming  on your purchase.